16 Unusual Scholarships You Never Knew Existed for Students

Higher education in Nigeria comes with high price tags, with annual tuition at private universities exceeding ₦1 million. Scholarships provide essential financial assistance to students and families.

Beyond common academic, athletic, and needs-based scholarships, some highly unusual scholarships reward quirky skills, achievements, attributes, and activities.

This in-depth guide explores some of the unusual scholarships that you never knew existed. While their focuses are bizarre, the funding they provide is real. We’ll break down examples, application tips, and advice on how to win whimsical college scholarships.

Scholarships for Your Unique Attributes

Some scholarships reward Nigerian students simply for having certain distinctive attributes or traits. Here are some prime examples:

1. Tall Person Scholarships

Scholarships like the Tall Clubs International Scholarship cater exclusively to taller-than-average students. Nigerian students who are over 6 feet tall are eligible to apply for funding. Height is not usually a factor for scholarships, so this program celebrates tall students pursuing higher education. Awards are up to $1,000 USD annually for winning tall applicants.

Tips: Make sure to carefully note the minimum height required (often 6′ for males and 5’10” for females). Check if there are Tall Club chapters near your university you can join. Mention any challenges or advantages you’ve faced as a tall person in your application.

2. Redhead Scholarships

For redheaded Nigerian students, awards like the Redhead Scholarship exist to provide financial assistance. They honor students embracing their vibrant red hair color which stands out in the dominant dark hair population. Applicants must submit photos proving their natural ginger hair color. Multiple awards up to $4,000 USD are given out annually.

Tips: If you dye your hair red, these scholarships require proving your natural hair color. Avoid hair damage by using gentle natural dyes. Write about your experience as a redhead in Nigeria in your application.

3. Big Ears Scholarships

The Big Ears Scholarship is specifically targeted to Nigerian students with larger than average ear sizes. Students with ears protruding over 2 inches from their head are eligible. Awards are up to $5,000 annually for winners. This fun scholarship celebrates students with distinguishing ears.

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Tips: Use a ruler to carefully measure your ear length from head to outer tip. Explain if your ear size has affected your self-confidence in any way. Share your future career goals.

4. Left-handed Scholarships

About 10-12% of Nigerians are left-handed, facing unique challenges in a right-handed world. Scholarships like those from Left-Handers International help leftie students by providing funds just for being left-handed. Awards range from $500 to $1,500 annually.

Tips: If ambidextrous, clearly state your left-hand dominance. Describe obstacles you’ve faced as a leftie e.g. smudged writing. Share any left-handed talents like sports skills.

Scholarships Rewarding Your Interests and Skills

Some scholarships celebrate and reward unconventional talents, hobbies, and skills that Nigerian students have. These provide a creative way to fund school.

5. Yo-Yo Scholarships

The National Yo-Yo League gives out scholarships annually to skilful yo-yo players and performers. If you have talents like “walk the dog”, “rock the baby”, or “around the world” tricks, you can apply for funding. Awards range from $500 – $2,000.

Tips: Submit videos showing your yo-yo skills in action. Share how long you’ve played with yo-yos and who inspired you. Mention yo-yo accomplishments like contests entered or placing in competitions.

6. Karaoke Scholarships

Nigerian students gifted at karaoke singing can win scholarships like the Karaoke King/Queen Competition Scholarship. Applicants submit karaoke performance videos which are judged. Winners selected receive up to $1,000 towards their studies.

Tips: Choose songs that showcase your vocal range and ability. Perform confidently and with emotion. Share how music/karaoke interests began.

7. Makeup Artistry Scholarships

For artistic Nigerian students skilled at makeup applications, scholarships exist like the Nigerian Makeup Wizard Scholarship. Applicants submit photos/videos of creative makeup looks they’ve done. Multiple winners get up to $2,500 in awards.

Tips: Showcase both conventional and avant-garde makeup styles. Share makeup influencers who have inspired you. List any makeup courses or training you’ve completed.

8. Unusual Essay Scholarships

Essay scholarships like the Oddest Object Scholarship have applicants write short, creative essays about an unusual object they select. Past winning essay topics have included parking meters, ladles, kazoos, and pencils! Awards are up to $1,500.

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Tips: Pick a very odd, random object and get creative describing it. Share any memories related to the object. Use vivid details and descriptive language. Proofread extensively.

Scholarship Contests and Drawings

Some scholarships involve contests, competitions, or random drawings with strange requirements. These offer opportunities to show off niche skills and talents.

9. Duct Tape Prom Attire Scholarships

Students can win scholarships like the Stuck at Prom Scholarship by crafting and wearing complete prom outfits made from duct tape! You can win up to $10,000 for creative attire showcasing duct tape designs.

Tips: Plan your design well and give yourself time to carefully craft your duct tape creation. Look at past winners for inspiration. Reuse and recycle materials.

10. Watermelon Eating Contest Scholarship

Nigerian students with big appetites should check out the Nigerian Watermelon Eating Contest Scholarship. Applicants enter speed-eating contests focused on quickly consuming entire watermelons. Winners get up to $2,000 in scholarship funds.

Tips: Practice eating watermelon quickly without getting choke. Request seedless melons. Keep a moist towel handy during the contest.

Scholarships for Wacky Achievements

Some scholarships recognize bizarre feats or accomplishments achieved through focus and determination. Nigerian students can win aid for their hard work.

11. Pi Memorization Scholarships

The Pi Circle Scholarships reward students with mastery memorizing the lengthy number pi to hundreds or thousands of digits. Applicants recite their memorized digits of pi judged for accuracy. Awards are given out annually up to $5,000.

Tips: Devote time consistently to memorize pi using memory techniques. Challenge yourself to remember more digits each week. Recite smoothly during judging without pausing.

12. Extreme Ironing Scholarship

Believe it or not, extreme ironing – ironing clothes in dangerous, remote locations – is a thing. The Nigerian Extreme Ironing Scholarship offers funding to passionate extreme ironers. Applicants submit photos ironing on mountains, underwater, or other extreme environments. Awards up to ₦200k given annually.

Tips: Research safe extreme ironing locations. Use a generator for electricity access. Be prepared to transport your ironing board and iron anywhere.

13. Long Nails Scholarship

The Longest Fingernails Scholarship awards Nigerian female students with exceptionally lengthy nails, celebrating elaborate nail art. Applicants must have nails longer than 3 inches. Winners are awarded ₦50k towards their studies.

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Tips: Share your nail care regimen. Discuss how long nails affect your daily activities. Submit photos showing detailed nail art and design.

Scholarships From Companies & Organizations

In addition to niche scholarships from small foundations, some company and industry sponsored awards have unusual focuses.

14. Flavor/Recipe Scholarships

The Flavor Originator Scholarship challenges Nigerians to invent new food and drink flavors. Past winning creations include honey garlic ramen noodles and banana ramen noodles. Cash prizes up to ₦100k are awarded annually.

Tips: Research flavor combination trends before inventing your own. Test out multiple versions and tweak recipes. Provide detailed instructions so judges can reproduce your recipe.

15. Chicken Care Scholarships

The Poultry Keepers Association of Nigeria offers scholarships for students experienced in chicken care and management. Applicants must submit written guides or videos on excellent chicken keeping best practices. Annual awards up to ₦150k.

Tips: Highlight innovations in your chicken care like unique coops. Share tips for high egg production and healthy chickens. Outline your daily chicken duties.

16. Meme Creation Scholarship

This scholarship from a social media company rewards Nigerian students who are talented meme creators. Applicants submit a portfolio of at least 10 original memes. The top meme creators win awards up to ₦200k each year.

Tips: Create memes using recent viral content and trending formats. Ensure your memes are original. Adapt memes for a Nigerian audience.

Key Takeaways

While most scholarships focus on grades, sports talents, or financial need, some celebrate the weird and wacky. Nigerian students can win legitimate funding by applying for unconventional scholarships aligned with their quirky interests, skills, achievements, and attributes.

Don’t be afraid to apply for silly scholarships you may qualify for. The application effort is low risk but offers the reward of covering real college costs. Get creative and highlight your passions and distinctiveness when applying.

With an eye-catching scholarship application playing up their uniqueness, Nigerian students can earn money to support their higher education goals and begin rewarding careers.


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