6 Factors that can raise your risk of developing kidney stones

The largest and heaviest kidney stone ever removed from a human
was enormous, and it was removed by surgeons in Sri Lanka.
The stone was the size of five baseballs or nearly two FIFA footballs,
measuring 13.37 cm long by 10.55 cm wide, and weighing 800 kilos.
The patient made a full recovery.
There are six factors that can raise your risk of developing kidney

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1. Dehydration: Be sure to always drink enough water.

2. Being overweight: The worst part is belly fat.
3. Undergoing weight-loss surgery, such as gastric bypass.
4. Exercising vigorously in extremely dry weather: If the weather is
extremely dry, drink lots of water before, during, and after your
5. Other medical issues, such as recurrent UTIs, should be promptly
and effectively treated.
6. Consuming too much salt or sugar: be mindful of your diet.

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