7 suggestions to help you achieve your weight loss goals and stop midnight cravings!

It's normal to get hunger pangs at midnight, and you gorge yourself on any snack you can
get your hands on. However, it's a bad habit to eat unhealthy snacks to quell your nighttime
hunger. Learn how to manage midnight cravings with help from a pro!
Imagine yourself secretly making your way to the kitchen at midnight and pulling out a
packet of chips to feast on guilt-free. The guilt, though, begins to set in as soon as you stop
You begin to feel guilty about treating yourself to delicious yet unhealthy snacks every single
evening. If it describes you, know that you are alone. We've all been there and done that
countless times before. But you're hurting more than you realize because of this poor habit.
Cravings at night can interfere with your sleep and prevent you from sticking to your diet
plans. Understanding the underlying causes and knowing how to prevent midnight cravings
are essential for overcoming them.
To learn how to stop midnight cravings, Health Shots spoke with Doli Baliyan, Senior Clinical
Nutritionist, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Dehradun.
What negative impacts may eating at night have?
Everyone periodically snacks at night, so it is not necessarily a terrible thing. However,
frequently consuming more than necessary at night can result in:
• Weight increase: Consuming too many calories on a regular basis might result in weight
gain, which can make it difficult to maintain a healthy body weight.
• Effects on job performance and mental health: Overeating at night may result in
symptoms the following day such as headaches, diarrhea, and stomach aches. Ultra-
processed snacks might impair one's capacity to operate properly by causing feelings of
guilt, depression, or humiliation.

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Determine the source of your nocturnal cravings. Find out why they occur. Are they a result
of too restricted eating during the day, a habit, boredom, or are they a symptom of eating
disorders. Controlling cravings begins with addressing the root reason. Let's learn more
suggestions for addressing this issue.
How can I stop hunger at midnight?
Here are some suggestions from our expert to assist you in overcoming nighttime food
1.Increase the amount of protein in your diet "Add lean poultry, fish, nuts, seeds, peas,
lentils, beans, and yogurt to your evening menu. According to the expert, protein gives you
steady energy and prolongs your feeling of fullness.
2. Consume foods high in fiber.
"You diet should have more fiber-rich foods like vegetables, fruits, and high-fiber, low-sugar
cereals," the specialist advises. While taking some time to digest, fiber reduces hunger
without affecting your nutrients.
3. Consume fewer simple carbohydrates and sugars
Avoid simple carbs and foods high in sugar as they might cause blood sugar spikes and
crashes that can cause cravings.
4. Keep away from evening triggers
Avoid caffeine and snacks with a lot of sugar before night. These may interfere with your
sleep and cause cravings at odd hours.
5. Keep hydrated.
Make sure you consume enough water during the day, and think about drinking a glass of
water before going to bed. Getting enough water can help you feel less hungry.
6. Stress reduction
Use methods to reduce stress, such as stretching, yoga, meditation, hot baths, and
breathing exercises. Managing stress can aid in preventing nighttime emotional eating,
according to the expert.
7. Take into account a tailored strategy
Solutions tailored to the individual: Bear in mind that what functions for one person may
not function for another. Try out different variations of these tactics to see which ones best
meet your requirements and tastes.
Be persistent and patient; it takes time to get rid of midnight cravings. Maintain your
dedication to your selected tactics, and don't give up if it takes some time to see results.
Keep a food journal; it will help you keep track of what you consume every day. Additionally,
keeping track of your daily caloric intake might help you see any problematic eating habits,
such as skipping meals or going too long between meals.

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