Apply for Rhodes Scholarship Program

The Rhodes Scholarship is not just a scholarship; it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. This fully funded, full-time postgraduate award paves the way for talented young minds from across the globe to pursue higher education at the illustrious University of Oxford. It’s a challenge, but it’s a challenge that has shaped countless lives. Through this journey, young scholars discover the meaning of success and excellence.

An Open Invitation to Talent

The Rhodes Scholarship doesn’t discriminate based on borders. It’s a call to the brightest minds across the world. The Scholarship welcomes applications from aspiring scholars globally. It’s where your talent meets opportunity.

Exploring a World of Academic Options

As a Rhodes Scholar, you step into the world of academic excellence at Oxford. The University offers an extensive array of full-time postgraduate courses, opening doors to master’s degrees, doctorates, and beyond. Your academic journey is yours to shape.

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Unmatched Support

The Rhodes Scholarship offers comprehensive support that covers more than just academics:

  • Course Fees: Your complete course fees at Oxford are taken care of by the Scholarship.
  • Stipend: In the 2023/24 academic year, the stipend amounts to £19,092 annually (£1,591 per month). This stipend is your lifeline, intended for covering all living expenses, including accommodation. Please note that it may not be sufficient for supporting partners or dependents.
  • Study Duration: The scholarship’s rules for study duration depend on your course. For instance, if you opt for a DPhil (PhD) at Oxford, you can enjoy up to three years of covered fees and stipend.
  • Application Fees: Your expenses for applying to the University of Oxford are covered by the Rhodes Trust.
  • Student Visa: Assistance is provided to cover the cost of your student visa, along with the International Health Surcharge (IHS) that grants you access to the UK’s National Health Service.
  • Flights to the UK: You’ll be provided with two economy class flights – one to begin your studies in the UK and another to conclude your Oxford journey.
  • Settling In: Upon your arrival in Oxford, a settling-in allowance is provided to ease your transition.
  • Continuing Your Journey: For Scholars pursuing a second course of study at Oxford, the Scholarship assists with visa renewal and further IHS application.
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A Legacy of Ideals

The legacy of Cecil Rhodes guides the program. As a Rhodes Scholar, you are expected to embody:

  • Academic Excellence: A dedication to scholarly pursuits and the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Mastery and Energy: Demonstrated mastery in areas such as sports, music, debate, dance, theatre, and collaborative artistic endeavors.
  • Character and Leadership: Traits like truth, courage, devotion to duty, sympathy for the vulnerable, kindness, selflessness, and a spirit of fellowship.
  • Force of Character: Moral strength and a commitment to lead and actively engage in the welfare of fellow human beings.
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Eligibility: Your Starting Point

Eligibility criteria may vary based on your constituency. To check if you meet the criteria and are eligible to apply for the Scholarship, use our eligibility checker tool. It’s your first step on this remarkable journey.

The Rhodes Scholarship isn’t just about education; it’s about character, leadership, and the potential to make a positive impact on the world. It’s your gateway to a brighter future – an opportunity that awaits your initiative. This is the first step in your extraordinary Rhodes journey.


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