Best Waptrick Games For Asha 200 (Java)

Are you looking for the best Waptrick Games For Asha 200 (Java) Nokia Asha has been one of the best keypad phones back then, while some people use this phone for making calls, others use Nokia Asha 200 for playing games even though the phone does not come with an internal storage, you can use an SD card to receive java game files, install and play with ease.

Waptrick is one of the best sites to download java games till date, although the website contains annoying ads which redirects you another site when navigating waptrick but we can’t blame them, that’s the only way they earn revenue to maintain the website.

Today, we’re going to show you best waptrick games for Asha 200 and how to install java games on Asha 200 every section of this article contains valuable information so make sure you don’t skip any part so without further ado, let’s get started!.

Best Waptrick Games For Asha 200

Assassins Creed

Waptrick games for asha 200

Assassins creed is one of the best java games on waptrick, this game is compatible with Asha 200 and the gameplay is really nice lets explain a little about the game. in assassins creed you’re an agent sent by a secret agent to take revenge by assassinating some villains in the game, now you must fight many armies, survive many obstacle challenge before you can get to the boss and finish the game.

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Waptrick games for asha 200

This game has a story similar to that of assassins creed game, in beowolf, you’re a king who’s kingdom was attacked by a beast, now you have to do everything in your power to defeat the beast and save your citizens. the game is packed with action that’ll keep every gamer glued to it, to finis the game, you will have to fight a yellow dragon. in each level of this game, you fight a different villain which is what i personally love about the game.

A Good Day To Die Hard

Waptrick games for asha 200

This game is the best java game I’ve ever played in terms of action and adventure. in this game, you and your son are cops who have taken undercover to bust some criminals, to achieve this you’ll have to fight a lot of characters, bypass door locks, engage in a road chase and more, if you want to have a feeling of playing an android game on java powered device, try out this game.

Mortal Kombat

Waptrick games for asha 200

Mortal kombat is one of the early java games that was launched, this game is based on fighting, where you can use various characters e.g. Scorpion, Sub-Zero, jax, Sonya etc. To fight enemies, at the end of the game you’ll have to defeat Goro, a hideous monster that only fights by using the sharp weapons on his arms to finish off opponents. This game contains an arcade, training and story mode.

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Call of Duty (Black Ops)

Waptrick games for asha 200

Although mortal Kombat is more rated than this game in java version, call of duty (java) is one of the best Waptrick games for Asha 200, the game does not have good graphics thor, but the storyline will keep you glued to your device and make you wish the game never ends, in the game you’re sent on a war to take over a region, you must make sure you survive as you’ll have to fight several enemies to get there.


Waptrick games for asha 200

Avengers is a movie owned by marvel studios, but do you know the java game is also available? Yes!, Avengers is also available for download on Waptrick, the game contains your favorite characters from the original movie such as: iron man, hulk, captain America and thor. You’re to choose your character and use the ability each character has to protect the City from Ultron robot armies.

Tom And Jerry Mouse Maze

Waptrick games for asha 200

Are you a fan of Tom and Jerry cartoons? Then you must definitely love this game, tom and Jerry mouse maze is one of the best Waptrick games for Asha 200 you can find, the game consists of adventure, trivial and strategy. In this game you’re Jerry who is inside a room full of traps with cats at every corner you turn, you need to move around the house to take 4 special cheese before you can proceed to the next level.

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How To Install Java Games

Many people does not know how to install java game, if you’re one of them, then the step by step below on how to install java games is for you.

  1. Download a java game
  2. Make sure the file has “jar” written on it.
  3. Navigate to your file manager and select “download” folder.
  4. Scroll among the files till you find the game file.
  5. Once found, click on “install
  6. Wait till the installation process is complete.
  7. Once completed, you can click on “run” to play the game immediately or navigate to your java icon to play.

Final Thoughts

Waptrick games for asha 200 can be found anywhere, but to be safe from screen resolution issues when downloading games, we suggest you download from Waptrick website, the game is free and contains no virus although you’ll have to bear with the annoying ads that comes up. We have provided list of each game, download link and a short description of what to expect, drop comments below if you have any.

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