CCTV Camera Price In Nigeria (2023)

Technology has continued to make life easier in terms of security and all, CCTV cameras are used across many locations in Nigeria to provide surveillance for a particular territory, this surveillance cameras are installed indoors and outdoors depending on your preference.

Many have debated on how much surveillance cameras costs, most people believe it’s costly which it is but if you need low budget CCTV cameras, those are available too.

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In this article, we’re going to provide you with a list of CCTV camera prices in Nigeria, how to install CCTV cameras, benefits of installing CCTV cameras and a little FAQ to answer your questions after reading this article, so without further ado, let’s begin.

CCTV Camera Prices In Nigeria

CCTV Camera Price In Nigeria

ZKTeco CCTV Bullet Camera 5MP AHDN N33,000

Sony Smart Vision Ko CCTV Camera (1309IR) N115,000

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HikVision Network FishEye CCTV Camera N90,000

JVC Fixed CCTV Camera N260,00

Panasonivc Network Camera N143,000

Samsung Full Pack CCTV Kit N170,000

Hiseeu HSY P2 CCTV Camera N15,000

Jiange SJG W11A CCTV Camera N40,000

JVC VN-X352 IP CCTV Camera N110,000

HikVision 4MP CCTV Camera N45,000

3MP PTZ Wifi IP Mini Camera E27 Bulb CCTV N85,000

How To Install CCTV Camera

Installation of a CCTV camera is not something you can achieve alone unless you’re specialized in this field, if not, contact a specified engineer for the installation.

Each CCTV camera has its own unique way of installation depending on the model or software installed on it, so don’t think all CCTV cameras are the same when it comes to installation.

Benefits Of Installing CCTV Cameras

They’re several advantages involved when a CCTV camera is placed at your preferred location, advantages involved are:

Maximum security

Obtaining evidence

Crime prevention

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Ensure Customer satisfaction

It’s best advisable that you keep the surveillance cameras installed outside the premises if you’re using it for your personal home but if it’s for company usage, we advise you fix it both outdoors and indoors for maximum security.


CCTV cameras are the best gadgets used to keep security over places or things unlike humans, they can keep a perfect watch over things without getting distracted. If you’re thinking of purchasing a CCTV camera in Nigeria, make sure you take a good look before purchase to avoid buying bad product. There it is, we have provided you with CCTV camera price in Nigeria, if you have any questions drop in comments section.


Do CCTV Cameras Require Wifi To Work?

This depends on the model you’re using however, most CCTV cameras require internet connection to work especially if you wish to watch the surveillance footage wherever you are.

Where Can I Purchase CCTV Cameras in Nigeria?

You can purchase your surveillance cameras at several tech outlets in Nigeria. If not, you can place an order on various online stores like jumia, pointek and konga and you’ll get your CCTV camera delivered to your doorstep in no time.

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How Much Does The cheapest CCTV Camera Cost?

A cheap surveillance camera in Nigeria costs N15-20,000. Surveillance cameras come in models, so looking for a cheap surveillance camera means you want the one with old features, well that’s fine as long as it keeps security at where it’s installed.

Do CCTV Cameras Require Steady Electricity to work?

Yes, surveillance cameras require steady Electricity supply for uninterrupted surveillance, although some have solar panels installed on them to keep them charged in absence of power supply, it’s not preferable if you like to view the surveillance in real time.

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