Here are 6 advantages of garri for health.

In addition to starch, garri prepared from the cassava plant's tubes and roots also contains
proteins, fats, carbs, iron, and vitamins B and C.
1. Excellent for weight loss
Do you want to lose some weight? Then Garri is the man to see. Although relatively starchy,
cassava is low in calories and has a high fiber content that keeps you fuller for longer and
helps you avoid binge eating.
2. Beneficial to the digestive system
Fibers found in garri are insoluble in water. Toxins that enter your intestines are better
absorbed thanks to it. In this way, it enhances the health of your digestive system and
maintains it functioning well.
3. Reduces cancer risk
I know, it's hard to believe. Additionally, garri aids in the prevention of fatal conditions like
cancer. Red blood cell production is stimulated by the B17 found in cassava leaves, while
their absence frequently results in cancer.
4. Excellent for diarrhea
It's true what your mother told you about garri's therapeutic properties. It also addresses
issues like diarrhea. To feel the change, just gnaw on it or drink water with it twice day.
5. Beneficial for vision
Vitamin A and bakarotennya, which are abundant in garri, boost eye health and guard
against blindness and blurry vision in the future.
6. Contains a lot of folate

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Women who are pregnant need a lot of vitamin C and folate. 15 percent of your daily folate
needs and 47% of your daily calcium needs are satisfied by one cup of garri. The immune
system of the body is also aided by the two vitamins.

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