How To Upload Music On Audiomack (2023)

Are you an upcoming musician who wishes to get your songs to more audience? Audiomack has provided all the tools suitable for you to make your song stand out and reach out to your fans whenever you release a new song.

Audiomack is an online Music streaming platform that has given ability to upcoming artists to reach out to their fans. Wether you’re young or old does not matter, you can upload your songs on Audiomack and start building your music career from there.

Today in this article, am going to take you through the process of uploading your songs on Audiomack so if you’ve been looking for how to upload music on Audiomack, this article is definitely for you. So without further ado, let’s begin!!.

How To Upload Music On Audiomack (2023)

How To upload music on Audiomack

Step 1: Create an Account

Before you can upload your songs on Audiomack, you need to create an account first, you can either register using the app or web version but don’t worry the registration process is simple, Open the Audiomack app or website, click on “Sign up” you’d be asked to provide your email address and password once that’s done, click on “Create Account” Button.

Step 2: Create Your Artist Profile

Once you have signed up, you have to create an artist profile, this is where your fans will view your albums and songs. To create an artist profile tap “Profile” at the top of your screen, you’ll be asked to provide your Name, Profile picture, Bio and links to your social media handles.

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Step 3: Upload Your Music

After you’ve created your artist profile, you can start uploading your music. To do this, tap “Upload” at the top of the page, you will be asked to select the Music you wish to upload from your device, make sure the Music size does not exceed 500MB, Now, click it to upload the music. Note: Audiomack only supports MP3, WAV, and FLAC files.

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Once the music is uploaded you will be asked to provide some details about the track such as: title, Artist name, genre and tags. Make sure you provide accurate and relevant information to enable your fans find your music.

Step 4: Customize Your Track Settings

Audiomack allows you to customize your track settings to decide how your track is presented to your fans, some of the settings you can customize include:

  • Release date: you can set a release date for your track to control when it will be available to your fans.
  • Download option: you can also enable or disable download option. It is recommended to keep download option turned off for new tracks.
  • Embed code: you can create an embed code to share your track on various websites or blogs.
  • Privacy: you can choose for the track to be public or private. Public tracks are visible to everyone while private tracks are visible to you only.
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Step 5: Promote Your Music

Now that your song is on Audiomack, promoting your song should be the next step, if you’re a popular artist, you don’t need to do much, as long as you uploaded the song correctly, your fans will surely find it, if you’re a new artist, promoting your song will be the first step in building your fan base, I have some effective tips on how you can promote your songs such as:

  • Share your music on social media: online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, telegram, Pinterest, Instagram and WhatsApp are great choices when it comes to promoting songs, you can run a Facebook ad to reach more audience.
  • Use tags: using the right tags can help your fans find your music faster, and help you reach more audience on Audiomack.
  • Engage with fans: on all your social media handles, make sure you always reply to comments from your fans, this builds trust and communication between an artist and his/her fans.


Uploading your music on Audiomack is a great way to reach new audiences and skyrocket your career to greater heights as an artist, by following the instructions outlined in this article and promoting your song as I have said earlier, you’re sure to reach new audiences. I have provided everything you need to know on how to upload songs on Audiomack, if you have any questions, you can check the faq below or drop your questions in the comments section.

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Can I upload my music for free on Audiomack?

Yes, Audiomack is a free platform for artists to upload and share their music with their fans.

What file types does Audiomack support?

Audiomack supports MP3, WAV, and FLAC file types.

Is there a size limit for files uploaded on Audiomack?

Yes, files uploaded on Audiomack must be less than 500 MB in size.

Can I customize my track settings on Audiomack?

Yes, Audiomack allows you to customize your track settings, including release date, download options, embed code, and privacy settings.

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How can I promote my music on Audiomack?

You can promote your music on Audiomack by sharing your music on social media, collaborating with other artists, using relevant tags, and engaging with your fans.

Can I make money from my music on Audiomack?

Audiomack does not directly pay artists for their music, but they offer opportunities for artists to monetize their music through partnerships with other companies and promotional opportunities.

Can I upload remixes or covers on Audiomack?

Yes, you can upload remixes or covers on Audiomack, but make sure you credit the original artist and obtain any necessary permissions before uploading.


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