If you don't want to look older than your actual age, give up these 5 harmful behaviors.

Our skin naturally gets rougher and more brittle as we age, and those
lines start to appear.
If you don't take precautions, fine lines that initially appear to be
deep wrinkles may appear. What's intriguing is that, in addition to
environmental variables, some of our daily activities might cause our
skin to age more quickly, yet most of us are unaware of this.
Let's talk about some easy behaviors you should adopt if you want to
maintain your youthful and healthy appearance:
overexposure to the sun without sunscreen
Your skin is susceptible to solar damage and accelerated aging from
the sun all year round in a nation like Nigeria where it is humid most
of the time.

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UVA rays from the sun are dangerous because they can damage the
skin's flexibility and pierce deep into its layers. So, if you're going to
be spending time outside, don't forget to use sunscreen.
getting insufficient sleep
Additionally, a lack of sleep might hasten the aging process. Have you
ever stayed up all night and observed how your skin looks worse?
The quality of your sleep is equally as important as how many hours
you get to sleep.
Its long-term effects on the skin are much more problematic.
Insufficient sleep can lead to puffy eyes and dark circles. This is due
to the fact that the skin repairs itself as you sleep, and insufficient
sleep might interfere with this process. According to studies, those
who get poor-quality sleep have more visible indications of skin aging
and have a 30% lower capacity for skin recovery than people who get
good-quality sleep.
not getting enough fluids
Ample water consumption has various advantages, including
increased energy and aid in weight loss. It's not only that you're not
drinking enough water that causes your skin to get dehydrated. It
could occur as a result of your lifestyle or poor eating habits.
While applying lotion to your skin to keep it moisturized is an option,
hydrating internally is preferable. Your skin will continue to look
young and healthy.
unsound diet
Poor food choices might have an impact on your skin. Unhealthy fat-
rich foods and sugar-filled beverages like soda can cause skin
problems. Eat more fruits and vegetables if you want your skin to

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look fantastic and stay young. They include beneficial ingredients
that your skin adores.
not consistently working out
If you sit around all day without much exercise, it's not just your
health that takes a hit – it's your skin too. Recent research on
women found that those who don't move around much seem
biologically older by about eight years! That's a huge big
difference. When you're inactive, your skin cells age faster. So,
get moving to keep your skin looking younger.

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