Kmimk Loan App: Review, App Download, Website

Kmimk loan app has been one of the best in terms of saving you financially when you need it, unlike other apps like fairmoney, Okash, Palmpay etc. Kmimk loan app does not not disturb you with calls when you fail or take longer than your given period to pay back your loan, many people don’t know about this app yet, which is why we’ve written this article.

In this article, we’re going to brief you about the app, how you can take a loan, requirements needed to take a loan, what happens when you refuse to pay back and a list of similar loan apps to choose from. Let’s begin!.

What is kmimk loan app?

Kmimk loan app takes care of your financial struggles, the main aim of the app is to offer personal loans to Nigerians, they do not offer business loans. This app saves you the hassle of going to a bank, getting a guarantor or having a collateral before you can take a loan, you can apply for a loan with just your smartphone as long as you have the following requirements:

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  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Phone Number
  • You must have a good credit score
  • Must be a citizen of Nigeria
  • You must be at least 18yrs

How to apply for kmimk loan

Registration process for kmimk loan is pretty easy, head over to play store and download the app, once installation is done, register with your phone number and password, once registration is done, you’d be sent an sms containing a verification code to verify your account, once done, you can now logging to your account and dashboard will be visible to you.

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Now that you’re logged in, on the dashboard is written “take loan” click on it, you will be asked to provide your full name, date of birth, occupation and BVN. once you’ve provided all that, click on “submit” the team will now review your application and decide on how much loan you can be given, the amount is usually not small, but as you keep taking loan and paying back before due, you increase your credit score and you’ll be allowed to lend a higher amount.

What happens when you don’t pay back?

After your loan is due for a month, kmimk loan reserves the right to report your account to credit bureau which will affect your credit score. This will make you unable to lend cash from any app unless you pay back your existing loan to kmimk.

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20 Loan apps like kmimk app

  1. Fairmoney
  2. Cashcash
  3. Okcash
  4. Palmpay
  5. Branch
  6. Easy money
  7. Xcrosscash
  8. Renmoney
  9. Palmcredit
  10. Nairaloan
  11. 9credit loan
  12. News credit
  13. Sycamore
  14. Easynaira
  15. Tloan
  16. Fair credit
  17. Linkloan
  18. Cash Loan
  19. Swift cash
  20. Mama credit


Kmimk loan is an app that leads you money without any hassle, you can download their app on Google play store, install, register with your phone number and password then submit your loan request, don’t be sad if you’re giving chance to borrow little for the first time, as long as you keep paying back before due, you will get a higher credit score and be eligible to lend higher amount in no time. Should you have any questions about this article, please drop them in the comments section below.

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