MTN Night Plan 2023 [Updated]

MTN has been the best telecommunication company in west Africa, since it’s launch in 2001, the company has always been the best in terms of network coverage and amazing data and call bundles on every airtime recharge depending on your tarrif plan.

MTN Night Plan has been a live saver to many, for many people including bloggers, although once you purchase MTN night plan, your first goal is to make sure you don’t sleep off before 11pm when the night bundle is supposed to start working.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the MTN night plan, how you can purchase night plan with airtime and pulse points, and more, do read this article to the end to avoid missing any vital information.

What is MTN Night Plan?

This amazing plan offers you with 250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50, the data starts working at 11pm and stops at 6am so make sure you don’t sleep off and use up the bundle before 6am, they’re several methods you can use when purchasing MTN night sub, but before that, they’re few things you should do before purchasing the MTN night sub.

Requirements To Subscribe For Mtn Night Plan

  • You must have at least ₦25 – ₦50 to be eligible to purchase the night plan.
  • Make sure you don’t fall asleep before 11am to avoid waking up past 6am and losing the data.
  • You must be on MTN pulse tarrif plan.
  • For best results, make sure you currently don’t have any data bundle on your sim, this enables the plan to work effectively instead of using both your normal data plan and the MTN night sub together.
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How To Subscribe to MTN Night Plan

Subscribing to MTN night sub is pretty easy as MayorTechs has provided a straight code to purchase the bundle and save you from stress, below are the codes to purchase MTN night sub:

>>*406*3*1#<< to purchase 250MB – ₦25

>>*406*3*2#<< to purchase 500MB – ₦50

You don’t need to dial any codes further, the codes provided above helps you purchase the night plan straight away as long as you have at least ₦50.

How To Subscribe To MTN Night Sub with pulse points

It amazes me whenever I find out many people don’t know they can actually purchase night plan using MTN pulse points instead of their airtime, this pulse points is a life saver especially when you’re out of airtime, you just purchase night plan or normal data bundle with it.

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You might be thinking how many points makes a naira, well, MTN is very generous so 1pulse points = 1 naira.

To get pulse points you must be on MTN pulse tarrif plan, to migrate, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *123# on your device
  2. Next, Select 2 (tarrif plan migration) once the option panel appears on your screen.
  3. Now you’ll be shown a list that consists of different tarrif plans, select 1 (MTN pulse)
  4. You will receive a tarrif plan migration success sms, don’t worry, migration to MTN pulse is totally free.
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Now that you’re on MTN pulse tarrif plan, you can earn pulse points whenever you do the following:

  • Purchase data bundle (2gb and above).
  • Reacharge airtime (₦500 and above).
  • Send data to others.
  • Purchase data plans with your pulse points.

Now that you know everything about MTN points and how to accumulate them, let’s go back to how you can purchase MTN night plan with it. Steps required to do this are provided below:

Dial *401# on your mobile and select nightlife bundles

MTN night plan

Next, Choose the night plan you want either 250MB for ₦25 or 500MB for ₦50, it’s your choice.

MTN night plan

Now, once you’ve chosen your preferred night plan and clicked on “send”, the next page that pops up will give you the options in the image below, select “pulse points only” but if you have a little airtime left, you can choose “pulse points and airtime” the system will automatically purchase the plan using half of your airtime and pulse points e.g if you’re about to purchase a ₦50 – 500MB night bundle, and you select “pulse points and airtime” option, the system will take ₦25 from your airtime and ₦25 from your pulse points to purchase, it’s as simple as that.

MTN night plan

Lastly, the system will ask you to confirm if you wish to purchase MTN night plan with your 50 points, select confirm (option 1) and hit send.

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MTN night sub

If you have enough pulse points to complete the transaction, you will immediately receive an sms containing successful purchase of night plan, you can now wait till 11am and to start using.

How To Subscribe To MTN Night Sub Using Sms

Subscribing to night plan through sms is a method that people don’t use regularly but there may come a day when the ussd service might be down for hours so feel free to use the sms method provided below:

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  • To subscribe for the 500MB MTN night bundle, just send NT2 to 131
  • To subscribe for the 250MB MTN night sub, simply send NT1 to 131

How To Check MTN Night Sub Balance

Checking your night plan balance on MTN is as simple as A B C, just dial *131*4# and balance of your night bundle will be provided with balance of your normal data plans.


MTN night plan is one of the best if you’re low on cash and wish to enjoy high data bundle for the night, you can purchase using *406*3*1# for 250MB and *406*3*2# for 500MB, this article has been written in-depth to help on every information related to MTN night sub, if you have any issues or further questions, drop them in comments section below. Thanks for reading!.

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